Adopting modern identity, one app at a time

Most business we have worked with have custom developed legacy apps that often underpin critical business processes.

Legacy web apps present an ongoing risk to many enterprises and there is a misconception that nothing can be done with them.

Often, they are so intertwined with existing business processes, migrating to new platforms isn’t always feasible and as they are more than often not supported by vendors.

Customers do not know how to integrate them for Single Sign On.

Learn more about how Identifly helped a key customer modernise core enterprise web apps, by integrating with Okta and yielding significant reduction in cyber risk, whilst improving user experience.

The Problem

A major challenge for enterprises moving to modern cloud identity management platforms remains legacy in-house developed or no longer supported apps.

Many custom web apps are limited to authenticating to traditional on-premise directories, using insecure or deprecated protocols (e.g ADFS , LDAP).

Often these apps store and manage business critical and confidential information, therefore modernisation of authentication has the potential to yield significant security benefits.

Integration with modern cloud identity also increases return on investment of these platforms and improves user experience by minimising logins.

A client recently approached the Identifly team to review twelve legacy custom applications, all were critical to the organisation with thousands of users.

The Solution

Identifly performed a code review on each application to determine the effort required and worked with the customer to develop an implementation plan.

Our full stack dev team began to unravel the code to isolate the functions that were performing authentication and authorisation.

Identifly expanded on our prebuilt authentication components from various platform libraries to add to the application (including Java and Rails).

Following integration testing, we worked with the customer to deploy to UAT to perform end to end customer testing.

After successful testing, Identifly worked with the customer to deploy the apps to production, assisting in the technical change process.

The Impact

All twelve of the customer’s legacy web apps are integrated with Okta, leading to a significant improvement not only for the customer's security posture, but also enhancing the user experience.

The client’s security team now have the ability to enforce consistent controls including multi-factor authentication, improving their compliance position and squeezing more value from their existing Okta investment.

How we can help?

If you have legacy bespoke apps holding you back that you previously thought impossible to integrate, Identifly have the experience to help you modernise.

Our integration team can work with you to assess your legacy applications and advise on the approach to modernisation.

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