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We understand that it is essential that services reach your users promptly and in a secure manner.

Identifly has extensive experience helping businesses through all phases of their Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects, including discovery, planning, implementation and support.

We help you bridge the technology and resource gap and implement state-of-the-art IAM solutions with confidence.

We make the transition from roadmap to operations smooth and eliminate the traditional barriers associated with large risky Identity and Access Management deployments.

We Partner With The Best


Microsoft provides comprehensive Identity and Access Management with single sign-on, Multi-Factor Authentication, lifecycle management and conditional access.


SailPoint is the leader in Identity Governance & Administration solutions and the IdentityNow SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is the future of roles, provisioning and governance for organisation that want to release the benefits of this powerful solution rapidly.


Okta is one trusted platform to secure every identity, from customers to your workforce. More than 9,400 organizations trust Okta’s software and APIs to sign in, authorise, and manage users.


Cyberark offers Identity Security solutions for privileged and remote secure access, end point protection and development, security and operations. It is our preferred solution for securing for Operational Technology Environments.


Intelligence is woven deeply into our platform; it's in our DNA, and enriches everything we do. It’s derived not only from our world-class threat researchers, but also from the first-hand experience of our threat hunters and professional services teams


Saviynt is on a mission to safeguard enterprises through intelligent, cloud-first identity governance & access management solutions.


Enforce adaptive policies and advanced secure access controls across all resources, access interfaces and users in the hybrid environment.

Single Sign On

Reducing password fatigue and password reuse is a key strategy to improving an organisations security posture. Single Sign-on (SSO) allows all user credentials to be managed by a single solution and users do not have to remember countless passwords.

MFA and Passwordless

Passwords are the weakest link and users tend to hate them.

Did you know that on average a person will reuse their password 14 times?

Adding a layer of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) reduces the risks of compromised passwords.

We work with our customers to remove passwords completely by using device trust,
seamless SSO, contextual access policies and MFA.

HR Driven IT Provisioning

Out of date identity data increases the security risk to organisations.

Automate provisioning and drive the worker life cycle of new-hire, update, termination, and rehire
to downstream applications from events that originate in your organisation’s HR system.

Access Management

Over-provisioning access to users increases the attack surface and cost to your organisation.

Automate application assignment and target application account creation based on roles
to standardise access and reduce overprovisioning.

Privileged Access Management

Protect your organisation’s most critical information by securing your privileged accounts.
Manage sessions, remote access and account credentials from cyber-attacks
and be alerted if irregular behaviour occurs.


Reduce privilege creep by regularly reviewing and monitoring user access

and app usage to remove unnecessary entitlements and rights.

Support and managed services

Developing a dedicated Identity and Access Management team
is a significant investment in time and financial resources.

We provide expert and reliable support arrangements,
from specialised escalation and enhancements to full managed services.

You can be sure that we have you covered.

Protect your users and your apps. 

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